Not all children learn from
the simple presentation of material.

We meet our students where they are
and teach them to live with a love for learning.

The Academy is fully accredited
for grades K-12, specializing in
those students who are not
thriving in the traditional classroom

We know the toll it takes on a family

The Academy specializes in restoring
family life while pursuing education
for the special needs student

40% of ANF students have
graduated from our program to a
more mainstream educational setting

Our students:

Learn to work cooperatively with others, both in the classroom and in the community
Learn empathy & compassion for their classmates and instructors
Learn to think critically and independently

About our program

Each of our students receive a specially-designed program to meet all his or her developmental benchmarks. We provide both therapeutic and neurological programs to serve each student's physical, speech/language, and social/behavioral needs, leveraging licensed therapists and teachers who specialize in aligning developmental goals with academic goals.

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Our parents are active participants .

We know how important your child's education is to you. Our parents get to play an active role in their child's individualized therapeutic educational plan, and learn key tactics to implement at home, reinforcing their child's progress in every aspect of his or her life.

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ANF is an exceptional, integrated therapeutic school targeting the child who is academically capable, but who is struggling in their current environment.

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